The Parkwise Promise

What is the Parkwise Promise?

In an effort to create a safer environment outside our school at the beginning and end of the day we are participating in ‘The Parkwise Promise’, a Council led initiative to target dangerous and inconsiderate parking near to schools. Congestion on the roads around our school in the morning and afternoon poses a risk to our children and their families as they travel into school. This can be reduced by more children walking and cycling either all or part of the way into school. However, the school does recognise that there are circumstances when travelling to school by car is the only option. In this case we ask parents to drive and park with consideration.

Below are some points to consider when parking, some are legal requirements:

  • Do not park or stop on the ‘School Keep Clear’ zig zags. To encourage this you can print and laminate our new Parkwise poster which highlights the number of days there has been good parking and can be placed around your school
  • Do not park opposite or within 10m (approx. 33 feet) of a junction
  • Allow pedestrians better visibility by parking clear of any crossing points
  • Unless signposted otherwise, do not park on pavements or verges
  • Do not block vehicle access points including driveways
  • Keep clear of bus stops or designated bus bays

Parkwise Promise resources

Please download our Parkwise Promote resources for more information and if you have any questions please contact us.

Parkwise poster

Parkwise Promise leaflet

Parkwise Promise guidelines

Parkwise Promise parents letter

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